November News

Hi everybody!

  I hope that you are finding yourself incredibly blessed!  We are all doing great here in the Bittner house.  Thanksgiving was amazing with my birthday following right on it's heels.  And now we have entered my most favorite time of the year- yeah!!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  We have our tree up and it's looking beautiful even without any decorations on it. 

Last week I had the privilege of hearing Michelle Tellone of the Joy FM speak at the Women of Destiny meeting- it was awesome!  Michelle is an incredibly gifted speaker, wonderful mom, and a passionate believer.  As she was speaking my thoughts went to The Church.  I am totally in love with The Church.  What an incredible thought to know that wherever we live we are connected with believers across the planet.  Here's some of my thoughts on The Church...  I pray that as you read this you are encouraged and blessed.  Know that God has begun a GOOD work in YOU and He is VERY able to bring it to pass.

Big Hugs & Many Blessings!!



The Church

She is a Glorious Church

The Bride of Christ

Shining and Spotless in His Glory

Dressed in Righteousness

Robed in Splendor

Reflecting the Radiance of Her God


She is a Precious Jewel in the Hands of Her God


Lifting up the Name of Jesus

She speaks Light into the darkness

Binding up the brokenhearted

Bringing Freedom to the oppressed

Echoing the Voice of Grace

She is an Oasis of Hope for all People


She is Unstoppable

Armed with Truth and Love

Her God is Her Strength

And There is Nothing

That Can Part Her from Him and His Love



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