Deeper album is now available!

Woo- Hoo and YEAH!!

You can now purchase my new album through Tate Music Group's online store.  I am so excited!  Tell all your friends, family, neighbors, people that you meet in grocery stores to go to the website and buy the album! :)  Do it- Do it NOW!  :)

I really think that you will love this album- and it's not just because I wrote the songs- but the reason that each song comes from the heart of a girl who has been stunned by the goodness and the love of God.  His grace is in every note, His love in every lyric.  We have a GREAT Daddy God who loves us GREAT big!

Thanks to everyone at Tate who made this dream a reality!  You guys are the BEST!!

Be blessed amazing ones!!  You are greatly loved!!

Here's the link- check it out!!