On the Road

  Well dearies we have started our summer travels with our first stop being Bartlesville, Oklahoma.    My sister and brother in law live here and it's great to be with them again!!  Jasmine is having a great time with Aunt Liz, Uncle Bugsy and their collection of animals. 

Now to catch you up on the last two weeks...

  Sunday, June 20 we were in Estero at Christ Community Ministries and WOW! what a beautiful church family!  Everyone was incredibly kind to us!  Huge thanks to Pastor Mark & Donnitta Goodman and to everyone who helped out!  It was a great joy to worship with you!!  May God's Grace and Favor be upon everything that you do!  We love you lots!

  Last Sunday (the 27th) we were back at Atwater Community Church for Youth Sunday!  It was great! I love it when the older generation can see these amazing young people worship God- it may be louder and use way more drive on the guitars than the olders might be used to, but it's good to get us out of our little worship box and bring a new and fresh sound into the House. Can I get an Amen? LOL!

  My dear friend Steven posted this quote, "No younger generation should ever have to sacrifice it's destiny so that an older generation can maintain it's legacy."  So applicable to the Church especially in the area of music.  It's easy to get set in our ways and think that our way of "doing church" is the only way.  I don't know what things are like in your church but I challenge you to keep focused on the cause of Christ  and do it in a manner that reaches the next generation.  Don't continue to do something just because it's the way that you have always done it.  Keep it fresh, new, and predictably unpredictable!

That's probably going to be one of the last coherent thought from my tired brain tonight. :)  Have a wonderful night! I'll keep you updated on all of our travels and post some pics soon from different worship events that we have done.

Lots of Love and Big Hugs!!