Don't Miss the Moment

Hello all you fantastic people!

  I hope that you are finding yourself caught up in the embrace of your Daddy God and drawing the hurt and broken into the same place.  My sincere apologies for not keeping up on the journals.  I love you still, I promise!!!  :)

  My mind went wandering this morning, per it's normal habit, and I thought of all the different places that I've been honored to lead worship.  We've worshiped with masses of people where the sound of their praise was most likely heard in the next state, and we've worshiped in churches with only a few precious people.  When leading, it's not about the size of the crowd facing you.  It's about encouraging those same people to worship God and their Savior with all their heart. 

  How beautiful is worship?  I love it that God inhabits our praises and that in worship we have the opportunity to meet with Him in such an intimate and profound way.  During worship we have the chance to fix our hearts on God alone.  To sing out incredible truths of who He is and to allow those truths to transform our hearts until our hope and faith is full to overflowing.

  When we worship it is for our own good.  God has angels that worship Him tirelessly.  Worship benefits us- that's the way God designed it.  And what a gift it is!  Personally, in the moments of my deepest pain and sorrow whilst singing the praises and the goodness of God I can feel Him mending my heart.  He hears and answers the cry of the broken.

  Let me encourage you, as we prepare for worshiping with The Church this weekend- don't miss the moment.  Relish every second of the worship service.  Raise your hands, sing loud and proud because He is present and ever ready to bind up the brokenhearted and to fill you anew with His Hope, His Faith, His Extravagant Love.

Many Blessings My Loves!


Caught in the Rhythms of Grace,




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