Announcing Our Newest Band Member...hehehe!

So maybe we won't put him in the band just yet- but I would very much like to introduce to you our son, Benjamin Michael Bittner!  We just received our invitation to travel for the China Center of Adoption Affairs- basically it's the letter that states "Congratulations!  Your paperwork is all done and we are now ready for you to travel to China, pick up your child and fill out more paperwork before you leave the country."  :)  Hopefully, we should be traveling to China in the next 2-6 weeks to bring home our little guy!

Currently, Ben resides in Bao Ji City, Shan Xi province in the PR of China.  His birthday is Feb. 1 and he 3 years old.  From the latest medical report he and Jazz are about the same height!!  Jazz has just gone through a growth spurt so I'm pretty sure that her competitive nature is already showing in the great height race with her older brother!

We are so thrilled to be reaching the culmination of this adoption process!  Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and prayer that you have offered up for us.  We truly cherish it all!  Please continue to pray for us and Benjamin as we prepare to travel- that everything would come together quickly and easily, and that Ben would transition very well into life on the other side of the globe.

God is so good, so faithful!  Thank you Daddy for bringing this desire to fulfillment. My heart is overwhelmed!

Caught in the Rhythms of Grace,

  a Very Joyful Jessie  :)


P.S.  You are loved!


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