More Stamps In My Passport

Hello loves!  We are getting ready to embark on our grand adventure to the other side of the world.  We are far from packed and the list of things to get done before we leave seems to be growing by the second.  Oh well!  It will all get done, as it usually does in a flurry of excitement with only hours before we leave.  This is my life (and I love it)! 

  We fly out Friday morning bound for China and our son Benjamin.  If you happen to be awake drawn into the Facebook vortex at 3am Sunday morning- think of us, as we will be meeting our son for the first time.  My heart does a somersault each time I type "our son"!  I personally hope that it doesn't ever stop it's acrobatics.  How funny is it to be in love with someone that you've never met.  Ben- mommy loves you so much, my bao bei!

  We'll return home Dec. 16, landing in Fort Myers three hours before we left Hong Kong, it will probably be Dec. 20 before we return to running on eastern standard time.  Jet lag- gotta love it! Yeah, not really... 

  Please continue to pray for us and Ben...and Jasmine...and my parents as they'll be caring for my baby girl and our three critters!  :)  Thank you Mom & Dad!!  If possible I will keep you updated on our progress in China and post some pics of our Benny boy.  

Know that whatever trouble may have popped out at you from seemingly nowhere that God is never surprised.  He loves you.  He cares ever so much for you, and He has already prepared the way for you to overcome any obstacle.

As always, know that you are very deeply loved.



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