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Hello dear ones!

  It is the day before Christmas and I pray that you are finding yourself full of the joy and peace of Christ Jesus.  We are getting ready for family festivities as we'll have a house full tonight and tomorrow.  Our son Ben is adjusting incredibly well to life on this side of the globe.  He and Jazzy are two peas in a pod!!  When they combine their powers they are a force to be reckoned with!  Hopefully they will learn to always use their powers for good and not for evil...

As the rush that may accompany this season settles, I pray that you may be mindful of God's incredible love for you.  You may hear "God loves you" so often that it becomes an empty comfort.  Stop and think for a moment that the creator of heaven and earth, whose strength knows no end loves you passionately and personally.  He loves you so much that He gave you the very best that He had- His perfect Son.  When you realize how much God loves you- that He gave His only Son so that you could become His child and forever have His presence, blessings, and favor in your life, comfort and joy will fill your heart.

I pray that you will know and believe His unwavering love for you.  May you have a very merry and blessed Christmas as you celebrate His constant love.

Continually awed by His love and grace,





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