The Cause & Effect of Your Life

Life has been pretty full on these last few months!  And I have to admit that at times I have happily dreamt of days where I had no responsibilities. schedules, or demands pressing for my attention.  With travel schedules, working multiple jobs, church life, and home life as a part of our everyday life many people ask us how we do it all and manage to stay sane (and happy!). 

My response is that everything that I do is guided by a singular cause- the cause of Christ and His Church.  My life's goal is to share the amazing love of my Daddy God with everyone that I come in contact with.  At school I am teaching Language Arts and showing the love of God to my students.  When I'm leading worship with some of the most amazing people that have ever graced this planet- I do it with a determination to share his love with whomever may be listening.  There is a danger when we try to compartmentalize our lives.  Your job is more than  just something you have to do to pay bills- it is an opportunity to be a blessing to everyone in your workplace.  Depending on your place of employment you may not be able to "say" the name of Jesus but you can "be" Jesus.

When your heart has abandoned itself to the Cause your life will effect great change within your sphere of influence.  You were born to fulfill a God given destiny.  He has stamped you with His approval and has already placed inside of you everything that is necessary to complete this mission.  Knowing that you were designed for a cause will keep you moving forward and release you into the plans and purposes of your Daddy God.

I pray that the Cause will take ahold inside of you and sharpen your vision while filling you with a sense of divine purpose.  So that you can say with conviction- "For this Cause I was born!"


With Much Love and Hope,


Jessica BittnerComment