Hello my loves!

  Just a quick update on all the happenings and goings on in our lives...  We've been having such fun leading worship in The Church.  Last month we were blessed to be a part of the service at Jacob's Well here in Venice, FL.  Pastor Todd & Christy Bauwin are incredible ministers who have a passion for reaching the lost and broken.  They are stunning!  After that we were in Winter Park, FL at St. John Lutheran Church with Pastor Troy Ehlke and his amazing church staff.  Connie Hagerman was such a huge help to us throughout the weekend!  We would have been lost without her.  I hope that she is reading this- Connie, you are amazing!!  Big hugs!!!  And we also were thrilled to be a part of the first ever Praisefest held at the Lee County Fairgrounds.  It was hot, we were sweat soaked, and it was worth every minute to see The Church unified in lifting up one heart, one voice to praise our Glorious Father and Savior. 

  We have also added some video links on the Sweet Links page and we are working on getting more posted. 

  Click here for video 

  Thus ends the quick update!  The Jessie that Jesus Loves is going to bed.  Sweet sleep everyone!

Big Hugs!!!