Catching Up...

Hello dear ones!

  Life has been going right along in it's normal fashion- FULL ON!  So, I'd thought it would be good to catch you up on the happenings.  This summer has flown by!  School is back in session and Mike is finishing up his second week with students.  Our daughter Jasmine decided that she can walk and is now an unstoppable force!  She runs laps through our kitchen and living room with her hands blissfully in the air, as if to say, "Look Mom!  No hands!"  She is so gorgeous!

  This next week is going to be full of practice and band shenanigans as we have our Night of Joy audition tomorrow morning and a concert the following Saturday (concert info can be found on the schedule tab).  We've been working on some new music and it sounds really fantastic!  You should come to the concert- whatever it takes- AND invite everyone that you know to come out for the night.  It's going to be spectacular!

  I'll post some pics/videos of our audition and let you know how all of that goes. 



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