Night of Joy Audition & Eyes of Faith

We had a fantastic time this past Saturday in Orlando!  Mike & I were able to catch up with some incredible people- Jim & Amy Schneider of Eyes of Faith Optical.  They have devoted themselves to inspiring hope by funding eye exams and supplying eyewear to children in need across the globe.  With every purchase of Eyes of Faith or the new Veggie Tales eyewear a child in need will receive a new frame and sight-correcting lenses.  After catching up we had a bit of an eyewear trying on party!  It was fantastic!!  I settled on a stunning pair- pictured below.

We should hear something by Friday as to whether or not we made it into Night of Joy.  I'll let you know as soon as I hear something!!

Check out the pics below and click on the link to Eyes of Faith to view their products and Vision for sharing hope.

Much love!!


Night of Joy- Talent Spotlight Audition- 2011

 Super Fun Frames- Eyes of Faith


I'm thinking of getting this pair as well...


For More Info on Eyes of Faith- do visit their website

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