A Week Later...

Hello everyone!  I hope that you are finding yourselves happy and well!  We had an incredible time at Night of Joy!  Especially after the squall moved past us, and the instruments, band members, and Mike were safely in the park and we had all changed into our dry clothes. :)  Throughout the night I had to keep reminding myself to breathe and that My God has Got This!  In spite of the foul weather we had a FANTASTIC crowd and some surprise guests!  All of the bands that took the stage were phenomenal!!  It really was an awesome night!  I got to catch up with some of my former students who came to NOJ and some very lovely friends stopped in. 

Jazzy was overjoyed to go back to Disney this year!  We took her on the Small World ride for the first time and she was enchanted by it!  Grandma even bought her a pair of light up Micky Mouse ears- which she refused to take off, that is until she fell asleep as we exited the park.

What I love the most about our NOJ experiences is the way the body of Christ comes together for a singular purpose.  During our last song (All I Need) I looked out across the mass of people and thought about how beautiful the Church looks with no denominational boundaries, not one person caught up in the issues of doctrines or disciplines.  That night the church was simply worshiping her Savior.  She never looked better!

We have some worship events, rallies, and such coming up here in the next two months.  Keep an eye on the Schedule page- you know you want to stop by and say "Hi!" :)

I love you and your Daddy God loves you so very much!



P.S.  Be sure to check out the pictures from Night of Joy!! :)


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