We're Going to Disney World!

We are thrilled to be playing again at Disney's Night of Joy- it's going to be a stellar night!  If you haven't already purchased your tickets for the event- DO IT NOW!  :)  Invite everyone you know to come out, really you are not going to want to miss out!

And while you are there, get your pirate on and come see us on stage at 7:30pm (sharp!) by the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.   Hang out for a while by the Talent Spotlight stage as there are some phenomenal bands taking the stage all night.

Here are the details- emblazon them onto your mind...

Night of Joy at Disney World

This Friday- Sept. 9 @ 7:30pm

By the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride


Well my lovelies, I am going to finish my cuppa and maybe watch the Star Wars movie that's on... (sigh)  O, how I love sci-fi!!



BIG Hugs!!


Jessica BittnerComment