A Powerful Combination

Hello Amazing People Who Are Destined to Impact the World With the Gospel of Grace!

  Some intro, huh?  I won't tell you how long it took me to come up with it... :)  Beloved, I hope that you are finding yourself incredibly happy and blessed!  Everyone here in the Bittner household is excellent!  My kids have gone through growth spurts challenging me to find clothes that fit and forcing me to contemplate becoming a cobbler (the shoemaker- not the dessert)!

  We are starting to line up some more worship events- YEAH!  So keep an eye on the Schedule page to see if we'll be in your area.  I'd love to worship with you!!

  We are also going to be doing some work on the website, revamping it and giving it a bit of a freshening up.  We are going to add some new content and maybe there will be a surprise or two... KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR THE LATEST HAPPENINGS!

  I would be remiss if this journal closed without some sort of encouragement...Are you ready for it? It's a great one!  I am getting encouraged just by typing it!!!

  Whatever you are facing in life let me remind you that God is able.  Once more for emphasis- God is able.  And not only is our Magnificent Creator able- He is willing.  What a powerful combination!  It is one thing to have the power to produce change but it is something far greater to be motivated to use that power.  What good is the ability if there is no desire to use it? Beloved, our God who designed everything above the earth and all things in it, our God who calls the stars by name, your God whose strength knows no limits is not only very able to help you in every circumstance of life; He is ever so willing to help you. 

Meditate on the simple yet profound truth that He is able and willing and watch His glorious plan of salvation unfold in your life.


You are deeply loved!

   xoxo Jessie xoxo


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