Time goes ever marching on...and this girl does not update her website the way she should.  SORRY!  I trust that you are finding yourself content and blssed.  Christmas is rapidly approaching and I still have oodles of gift buying/making to finish- prayers appreciated!!!  

Since the last entry my children have been growing up, and becoming more and more lovely.  I know, I'm a bit biased...  On the 17th we'll celebrate our one year anniversary of bringing home the Benjamin.  YEAH!  My heart is so very thankful for my family.  My Daddy God was showing off when He made them...

We are back in the studio and working on a new project, featuring new music, my kids, and some incredibly talented musos!  Keep us in your prayers throughout the process.  We are believing to bring fresh songs to the body of Christ that will help them connect with your God & Savior.  Keep checking back for updates on the project and release date.

May you and yours be so incredibly blessed this Christmas season.  Be sure to pause and think on our Emmanuel and that our God is With Us.

Big Hugs!  Love you!  And Merry Christmas!!! 


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