It's Already May!

Hello dear ones!

  It's seems inconceivable that my last post was nearly three months ago!  Where has the time gone?!?! In February we took on a position with Pilgrim Church, where I am the worship director.  Since then, we've also added Youth Pastor to the job description (a responsibility that makes my heart go pitter patter).  I so love working with teens!  My amazing husband has been a huge help as we enter into this God adventure with great enthusiasm.  By the way, I am absolutely convinced that my hubs is the best and I cannot imagine having success without his immeasurable support!  Shameless rave on my husband- accomplished.

The leadership team, staff, volunteers- everyone in the Pilgrim Church family is INCREDIBLE!  Such genuine people who have overwhelmed us with love and support.  I love you all heaps!!

If you are in the area, I'd love to host you at one of our Sunday services.  I lead in our 9:25am and 10:50am services.  We can also be found Wednesday nights in our youth group- 6:30pm. 

These are interesting days that we are living in.  Keep your eyes locked on Christ and pursue His Cause in your life.  I promise that everything will fall into place.

Consumed by the Cause of Christ,



p.s.  You are loved :)