Hello all!

 That greeting was long overdue!  So sorry!!  My Pastor looked across the desk at me last week and said,"I believe that you lead a very full life."  And yes, yes I do.  Between the kids, traveling, songwriting, church life and all of the seconds inbetween my life is incredibly full on.  Praise God that He wired me to be able to handle it!  Life is moving right along.  We enjoyed a wonderful summer.  I hope that yours was the same.

We traveled to Sydney in July to attend Hillsong Conference- yeah!  

It was incredible!  Hillsong Conference exists for one purpose- to champion the local church.  It’s not about pushing the latest music album or getting the Hillsong name out there, it is truly all about a group of believers coming together to see how we can further the kingdom.  The conference was Monday through Friday with church service in the morning followed by leadership training and breakout sessions.  After that we broke for a meal and came back together for an evening service. Every night closed with what I would call a praise and worship party.  Each service was lead by top notch pastors and speakers from across the globe such as Joyce Meyer, Pastor Joseph Prince, Louie Giglio, and the Hillsong team.  Worship was lead by the Hillsong Team Greats, alongside of Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Israel Houghton, and Darlene Zschech. 

It was marvelous to see 26,000+ people coming together for the cause of Christ.  We were worshiping alongside Baptists, Wesleyans, Assembly of God folk, Catholics, Salvation Army members and many other denominations.  But as one would look around the massive arena there were no denominational lines.  We were united as one for The One.  It was pretty close to heaven.  Which is the way church should be, right?

If you couldn’t tell by now we loved the trip!  My heart is so thankful for the opportunity to attend conference!

This is me promising to keep ypu better informed on what is happening in Jessie Land.  So keep checking back!

There is a heavenly host who believes in you,

and I do too.

Much love,



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