The Adventure Called Family

So thankful for the ones who have poured into the lives of my children.  I love you so much!

 As crazy stars-in-their-eyes newlyweds Mike and I wanted to start our family one whole month after we were married.  For years we went through the anticipation and the disappointment that accompanied that season of our lives.  I don't entirely cherish the heartache that was woven into that time, but I do cherish the lessons that my heart learned.  Month after month and test after test I had to lean into the presence of my Daddy God.  I learned to delight in the Lord.  Whatever the result my delight, my joy, my happiness was in the Lord and His unfailing love.

Shortly after our ninth wedding anniversary the desire of our hearts was realized in the tiny form of our daughter Jasmine.  My heart expereinced a myriad of emotions!  Overwhelming love, gratitude, awe, and a solid assurance of God's faithfulness threatened to burst my heart every time I looked at my lovely one.  

In December of 2011 another hope deferred became a hope realized as we welcomed home our son Benjamin.  And again my heart was flooded with the overwhelming sense of God's faithfulness as my arms finally embraced the one whom previously only my heart could.  Our Daddy God is so good!

Along this journey of motherhood and the adventure called family a few words have resonated in my spirit:

Entrusted  Children are a gift from the Lord, they are entrusted to our care while here on planet earth.  We have them for a season and in that season we must impart all the love, strength and wisdom that we possess.  We are raising them for a King.

Partnership  I have been blessed to have a fantastic partner in my husband.  Mike has incredible wisdom and such a stunning servants heart.  Without him raising up the Little Bits would be an entirely different task.  This is not to say that moms cannot raise their children on their own.  One of my dearest friends, a single mom, is doing a bang up job of raising three girls.  She is doing thus in partnership with their Heavenly Father and is profoundly shaping their lives to value the things of God.  She is my hero!

Legacy  Recently, true to form, I blurted out "I can't wait to be a grandma!  It's gonna be so cool!".  As my kids are 4 and 5 I have sometime to prepare.  What we instill in our children today is what they will instill in their children tomorrow.  We must place value upon them, speak blessing over them, and instill godly wisdom into their hearts.  For those who are to come...

Fun  It's so easy to get caught in the "work" of parenting that we forget what makes parenting work.  Our children need to have fun with us!  Look for ways of making even the most regular tasks such as going to the market an adventure.  For kids, it's more about the journey than the destination.  Mark the way with fun-loving frivolity!  Parenting is so much easier when we (and our children) enjoy it.

So moms (with and without children in your home) pray for your kids.  Don't be too proud to apologize.  Cherish the moments.  Always bless and encourage your kids.  Forgive.  Discipline with grace.  Love with reckless abandon.   Take every opportunity to invest in your children.  And remember that your greatest asset in raising your children for the King is the love of the King Himself.

Be blessed and Happy Mother's Day!  

Jessie xoxo