Psalm 84 Lyric Art

Hello lovely ones! 

Here is the next installment in our Lyric Art project as we count down to the album release!  Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.  We are beyond thrilled to share the new songs with you.  It is our prayer that these songs will give voice to the heart's cry of believers across the globe.  

By the way, can't you just feel the start of a revival?  I believe that the heart of The Church is being stirred in the most tremendous way.  These are incredible days and we are honored to play a role in God's grand production (that is the salvation of planet Earth). 

This week's LA comes from the song, Psalm 84.  In my mind it ties in with this sense of revival and hopefully it will connect for you too!  The psalm speaks of God's chosen ones, the ones whose heart are literally bent on abiding in God's presence.  It reads, "My heart and flesh cry out for the Living God (verse 2)." This host is consumed with zeal for His presence knowing that there is nothing else that can satisfy.  And what's best of all is that their God's goodness doesn't just fall on them to satisfy their hearts alone.  No, it benefits those who are dry and utterly parched, those not knowing where  to find satisfaction and fulfillment.  As the devoted move through the dry places the soaking goodness of God springs forth, bringing life and refreshing to those in desperate need. 


This is as God intends it for His Church.  That as our hearts are set on journeying through life in His presence that even the driest of places would become springs, an oasis for the thirsty, a haven for the hurting.


Are you ready?  These are great days ahead.  Let us not miss one opportunity to bless and strengthen humanity- it's all for the glory of God. 

You are loved. 

Without further ado... 


Lyric Art for Psalm 84

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