My kids have a borderline obsession with our walk-in closet.  They love playing inside of the thing!  Just the other day they went trotting in armed with stuffed animals, pillows and their light up microphones.  My heart absolutely loves seeing them play in the closet.  I remember when Jasmine was younger and she was afraid, terrified of the dark. And then we gave her something that changed her perspective- just a small light up toy that shimmered with rainbow colors.  She tried using it in their room but there was too much light and it made the colors seem dim.  We suggested that the darkest spot in the house would be the ideal setting for the light show, so Jasmine grabs her brother and says, "Come on Ben.  Let's go find some dark."  And off they went to the walk-in closet, a room with no windows and a solid door.  They sat in the closet for twenty plus minutes, enjoying the rainbows and bringing light to a very dark place.

Just as my daughter became emboldened with the gift of light, so should we The Church take heart and carry His Light to the darkest places.  You were made to shine!  To reflect the light and love of The Great Light of the World.  Throw open the doors to the dark places and let light rush in.  It's all for Him. 




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Jessica BittnerComment