What ya got there? Enthusiasm in The Church

In my history of being a pastor's daughter/church girl/worship leader I have attended many church services. I love seeing the church at large, especially when she is worshiping. It's a thing of beauty!

In my experiences I have noticed that some worship leaders shrink away from the spotlight. They decide to play it safe, and hold back while leading. Instead of embracing their role as a full on joy-bringer they check enthusiasm at the door. They fall into the trap of self consciousness which robs leaders and congregants of the confidence and joy that comes from fully embracing who God designed us to be. 

Let's be honest, isn't it much better to see the people of God show up to a service ready for a full on encounter with God?  Me thinks yes!  We have the privilege of attending church with a long time friend, Mike (not my hubs but one of his best friends). And I LOVE worshiping next to him! He is a full on, holding nothing back, enthusiastic worshiper. It's beyond incredible, it's contagious!  When Mike, this tall, smiling, enthusiastic man worships it stirs up those around him to do the same. It only takes one to break rank and give others the permission to do the same. When we are open and joyful it sets people at ease and encourages them to approach our times of worship with wide open spirits.  Consequently, our hearts are ready to receive from God all that He has for us when we have already lowered our defenses.

Enthusiasm not only benefits those in the congregation but those on the platform as well. Leaders are not perfect. Those on the platform may be walking through a valley and your joy may be a much needed blessing. Your enthusiasm can encourage and inspire faith and hope in your leaders which in turn can encourage the rest of the congregation.

As you gather with fellow believers this week be mindful of what you bring with you. I don't know about you, but I ever want to be the one that upon entering The House people want to know what I've got. Let's turn up to church ready to go. Not caring what others think, or hemmed in by self consciousness but with full on enthusiasm.

Are you ready? Let's bring it!

With mucho joy!!!!!

Jessie the Jumper