You Crown the Year With Your Goodness

Hello dear ones!  I hope that you enjoyed a lovely Christmas season!  Ours was action packed and completely wonderful!  Not to brag, but for the first time EVER I cooked Christmas dinner for our combined family all by me little onesie.  I may have cried at this accomplishment.  But I suppose the even greater news is that the food was edible, even tasty, and the kitchen made it through the trial unscathed.  Cooking has previously not been my forte.

Inevitably, after Christmas our thoughts turn to the New Year and what it will hold.  For some they may see lingering sadness at the loss of a loved one.  Others may see the hope of a fresh start.  I see the manifestation of Psalm 65:11.

Psalm 65:11 (NKJV)

“You crown the year with Your goodness, And Your paths drip with abundance.”


As for me and my house we would love to have this new year marked by God’s goodness!  Wouldn’t you?  The Hebrew word used for crown is ‘atar which means more than just a circlet of gold that rests upon ones head.  It means to surround, to encompass and completely enclose.  It is the same word used in Psalm 5:12 when it speaks of God’s favor surrounding the righteous as a shield.  Matthew Henry, a great biblical commentator, describes it like this, “He has given us instances of His goodness in every thing that concerns us…every part of the year has been enriched with the blessings of heaven, and no gap has been left open for any desolating judgment to enter by.”


How beautiful is that?  God has completely wrapped all of His goodness around us so that no desolation, no terror, no violence can come near us.  Even the word goodness means more than it appears.  The Hebrew for goodness is defined as all things good, pleasing, joyful, beneficial, favorable, pleasing, and happy.  Yep, I will gladly take all of that.


Beloved, regardless of what may be taking place in the world around you take confidence in the promise that God’s goodness has completely encompassed you.  It’s true that Christians are by no means exempt from the harsh conditions of the world.  But just as we put on a coat in a cold environment may we allow God’s beneficial covering to shield us from the conditions that would threaten our well being.


It is my prayer for you that this year would be marked with the favor and goodness of God like never before.  That collectively we could accomplish more, reach more, serve more, and share the love of God in ways that we would never have dreamed of before.  So much so that when December 2015 rolls around we can look back and say, “Surely He has crowned this year with His goodness!”


This is our year.  It’s going to be so good!


Love you!

Jessie xoxo