Wide-Eyed Wonder

Kids are amazing.  And so good for sermon, er, journal illustrations.  I was loading the twins onto the bus when they froze in their tracks.  With faces lifted to the sky they shouted, "MOOOOOOON!  MOOOOOOON!" at the top of their three-year-old lungs.  Brushing aside my impatience we all waved to the moon as it was nestled in the bright blue sky slowly disappearing from our view.  The twins looked at it with such wonder!  To think that it was nearly missed because my eyes were looking elsewhere.

Thomas Carlyle wrote that "wonder is the basis of worship".  Now don't get me wrong, my kiddos were not worshipping the moon.  We look through the moon to the One who hung every planet, every star, every moon in place.  As our eyes are open to the wonders of this life they are also opened to the Creator of Life.  Hearts bursting with awe we remember that He loves us.  Where the love of our Savior is believed and received there will be worship.

Having our eyes wide open to wonder allows us to see Jesus in all His glory.  When we stop seeing the wonder we become indifferent and indifference breeds complacency. Complacency is so dangerous.  I'm not putting anyone on blast, please receive no condemnation!  Instead be stirred to look around you with awe and amazement.  Soak in the accounts of Daddy God performing marvels and fantastic feats throughout His word. Go for a walk and see His hand in the creation around you. And in those times of wonder may you find a revelation of Jesus.  In my own life there are times when I'm running from appointment to appointment, ticking things off the agenda only to realize at day's end that not once did I stop to see the beauty and wonder in the day.  To quote The Little Bits my "heart felt scratchy" and I'm sure that my attitude was pretty crank-tastic.  Maybe that's why we have 5 kids.  Daddy God knew that this heart of mine would need at least 5 opportunities to be amazed daily.  

Wherever you are, when you get done reading this open your eyes to amazement.  Find something around you that is completely wonderful and know that it was lovingly placed there just for you.  And in that awe- see Jesus.  

You are loved.


Jessica BittnerComment