We Said Yes

Life here at International House of Bittner has changed forever- in a completely wonderful way!  In February three precious children came home to us.  Yes. I said three.  We now have 5 Little Bits from the ages of 3-7 in our family!  

The Little Bits (from L-R):  Jasmine, Ben, David, Annika & Judah

When we first announced to our family and friends that our household was expanding the most common expression uttered was something akin to this- "You have 5 children? Why would you say yes to that?"  

Here's why-  Two years ago I had a recurring dream.  For nights upon nights I would dream of a little one crying out for mommy. The voice was unknown to me, and honestly I can still replay it in my head.  The dream rattled me.  The feeling that there was a little child crying out for their parent and hearing no response affected me to the core.  One day after the close of a church staff meeting, I confided to my Pastor "the dream".  Hoping for some profound words of wisdom, he surprised me with a question. "What's your answer?" he said.  My answer?  I was coming to you for answers!?!? Taking my leave, I ran to my office where I shut the door and knelt down. For a while I just stayed there in silence, my hands lifted. And then with tears streaming down my face I said yes.  "Whatever it is Daddy God, whatever children come across our path, my answer is yes." My heart nearly burst as holy approval seemed to rest on those words.  That night at home I relayed to my amazing husband the events of the day and proving that he's just as crazy as me- he said yes, too.

Fast forward to this past August- upon completion of parenting classes for entering the state adoption process we received a message from a dear friend.  In it she asked if we would consider a sibling group- a set of twins (one boy, one girl) who were 2 years old and their 3 year old brother. This time fully awake the child's voice echoed in my soul. I quickly showed the message to Mike and typed back, "Yes! Absolutely!!"

Our David came home on January 30 and the twinsies on February 14. What an adventure it has been!  We've enjoyed glittering family moments as well as a few moments that have prompted less than glittering emotions to be felt.  To be honest, some days have been downright terrible.  But our yes is still (and will always be) a resounding yes.

Family is an adventure. Is it difficult? Sometimes, yes. But every difficulty is overshadowed by the opportunity to shower love upon precious babes who are in need. 

If you have considered adoption, send me a message- I'd love the chance to answer any questions that you may have.  

xoxo  Jessie