Bittner Party of Seven

We are officially a family of seven now! The adoption of our newest three babies has been finalized down in Lee County.  To be honest, the whole court scene was a little underwhelming.  Don't get me wrong I am thrilled that David, Annika, and Judah are Bittners and having the adoption decree will most certainly make life easier; but from the moment we said yes we have felt as if they were ours.  

I would love to say a massive thank you to some people who were integral in bringing home our babies. The foster parents to our twins and David- thank you for pouring yourselves into caring for David, Annika & Judah. Your selfless love is inspiring! I will be thanking God for you daily!  To the amazing woman who first introduced us to the kiddos, their adoption would not have happened without you, literally. You had a tremendous impact on my life as a teenager and now into my adult years.  What a treasure you are!  To our caseworker who handled the paperwork and made sure that every t was crossed and I dotted- thank you.  You have been our lifeline as we navigated through the foster care system.  You are the greatest! To our kiddos Guardian Ad Litem thank you for watching over our kids and being their voice.  Their best interest has been your only interest. Your tenacity and generosity are boundless and we thank God for you!


Jessica BittnerComment