Ugly Crying, a Facebook Message & an Adventure Called Family

So this morning I was drinking a cuppa of Earl Grey tea and sporting toothpaste on my right pinky finger, whilst The Little Bits frolicked about the house.  I was about say something to quiet them down when today's date struck me.  September 16, 2015.  A year ago today we received a Facebook message from a dear friend of ours that changed our lives.

Sept 16 message.png

When the message came through I instantly shared it with my hubs (how thankful I am for him).  We responded back nearly instantly with our positive response.  And for us that night our family grew by three.  It wouldn't have mattered what sort of problems the kiddos could have had, we said yes and we never go back on a yes.  

Now that I think about it that morning Ben and Jasmine had spontaneously burst out in prayer for whomever we were going to add to our family.  I distinctly remember ugly crying. Mascara running, snot dripping, Ben and Jazz hugging me.  What a sight we must have been. A blubbering, late to school, joyous mess.  (I'm ok with that)  My life is at times a bit messy, and loud, sometimes my patience gets pushed a bit farther than it would like.  And again I'm ok with that.

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books?  You would read the book until it came to a decision by the main character and then you would choose what the character should do. You would make a choice and turn to the specific page and see the outcome of your decision.  Honestly, I killed the main character off at least 6 times before I figured out how to finally make it to the end of the book!  It was infuriating!  Life is a choose your own adventure. Don't misunderstand me- God has plans and purposes uniquely crafted for every single person, however living out that calling is up to us.  This is the life that we have chosen.  And I love it!


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