The Remembering

I'm sitting here in my room, whilst the Littles nap and the Bigs happily enjoy a quiet afternoon.  My mind rolls back to last year, when Judah was fighting for his life. I remember that night in the hospital when he anxiously called out for me and then in my arms coded. My husband brilliantly reminded me that I can dwell on the pain of that harrowing experience or I can remember that by the grace of God, he started breathing again.  (yes, my husband is amazing!!!)

I'm choosing to remember the good now.  

Especially as we have another adventure before us.  Two years ago at an adoption exam, we were informed that my thyroid was enlarged.  Me being me did nothing about it. For the past several months my energy level has plummeted leaving my body significantly weakened.  Honestly I thought that I was tired because of our 5 kiddos!!!  I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, an autoimmune disease and it's attacking my thyroid causing hypothyroidism. There are more tests that need to be done and we will face those as they come.  I've started taking meds and (trying) to adjust my lifestyle.  Some days are rough, caring for the littles entrusted to us can honestly sap my reserve. Oh well, it could be worse! So I choose to remember the good.  My Daddy God has wrought miracle after miracle in the lives of our children- and He is not a respecter of persons.  When I am weak, He is strong.  His Word reminds me that He is my health, my song, my all encompassing peace.

Wherever you are, take a moment and remember. Remember that He is so strong that there is nothing He cannot do and He loves you so much that there is nothing that He will not do for you. 

Love you!!!!!

xoxo Jessie


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