What I've been doing since October

On October 12 my son Judah stopped breathing.  I watched as his lips turned blue and his body went rigid on our bedroom floor.  My husband was trying to get emergency medications into his body as I tried to restart his breathing.  911 was called and arrived within 3 minutes.  He was whisked away to a local hospital as we made arrangements for our other children to be looked after.  That night started a 70 day hospital journey.  Judah was born prematurely which resulted in severe pulmonary issues- the lightest cold could send him to the hospital.  This time it was human metapneumovirus.  He was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and had to be intubated.  Over the next few weeks he would go from breathing on a ventilator, show signs of recovery and be taken off the vent only to crash again.  He stopped breathing in my arms on two separate occasions.  He was stable enough to come home (and stay home) in January.  My family has seen stress and sorrow that I wish they could have been protected from.  I have wept in hospital rooms, and screamed in bathrooms willing him to just keep breathing.  And by the grace of God he did, with some assistance.  Judah had a tracheostomy at the end of December and now breathes through his trach.  

Every breath is a victory.  Every smile from this boy is a testimony of the faithfulness of our Daddy God.  I've been trying to sift through my thoughts on this journey and will hopefully be breaking it up into sections for you.  My prayer is that someone will find strength and be encouraged through our story.  

Blessings! xoxo  Jessie