Doors. We go in. We go out. We throw them wide open. Sometimes we slam them shut. However we navigate them, they are a point of entry or exit. Recently, we had someone leave through our front door with little chance of coming back through it. We made the heart wrenching decision that we would not be able to adopt a lovely young woman that we have been caring for. The decision was not made lightly. We prayed, sought godly counsel, researched options and pressed into our Daddy God's wisdom. We pray that she will find a home where she can flourish and find the happiness that she so deserves. To say that we didn't see it ending this way would be an understatement. The Little Bits mourn the loss of a sister. Mike and I grieve over another disruption in this young one's life.

Whilst we grieve, we continue to trust and hope. We trust that the One who created us all has a great plan for this precious life. And we hope that she will find exactly what she needs.

The complexities of our family are challenging. Some days I stand before the mirror and remind myself that we chose this adventure and Daddy God is still with us. Because He is. Always. And He has a way of making beautiful things after our darkest times.

Jessica BittnerComment