The Confessions of an Unwilling Vegan

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Confession is good for the soul. So here it is, a frank acknowledgement of my mistakes. Months ago I received a diagnosis, nothing dangerous but potentially life altering all the same.  My physical body is playing out its own civil war as an autoimmune disease attempts to kill off my thyroid.  Doctors suggested that my diet should change to a  coffee and gluten free, vegan variety hoping to lessen the ammunition that the autoimmune disease carries in its arsenal. Confession 1- I didn't take the doctor's advice.  

The last few weeks my body wouldn't carry me as far as I needed to go.  Some days my energy was so sapped that picking up the kids from school was arduous. In the three minute drive to school my head would drop repeatedly as I fought to keep my eyes open. Once at school I couldn't lift my kiddos to help them get in the van. In my body's war against itself my family and myself were rapidly becoming causalities. Confession 2- Asking for help is not my forte.  

Thank you Daddy God for blessing me with a husband who will lovingly tell me when my decisions are nonsensical. Just the other day he was reminding me that the gluten filled, sugar infused cookies that I love so much were probably not the best food choice.  He was right. Let me say it again- Mike was right, and I was wrong.  Milk, eggs, and other animal products make me physically sick. Even the smell of cooked eggs makes me nauseous. Gluten and sugar mess up my body chemistry something fierce. The chemical reactions would bring on mood swings, bursts of anger, inflammation, and depression. Confession 3- I turned into the Hulk.

So here I am. Writing I guess for accountability and transparency. There are so many people fighting battles within themselves. Chronic illness, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Diabetes, cancers, digestive disorders, Lupus, mental illness and the list goes on.  If you are confronted by an invisible illness please hear me- take care of yourself.  Don't wait or put it off. Self care is not selfish.  You have been made for a great purpose, good works have been laid out for you.  We must be as fit as we can be so that not one opportunity is missed. Also, let me say this- sickness is not your fault. It is not a punishment. Brokenness can happen to us all. On the days when I feel weak and broken I lean into the one who can make all things new. 


If you are living a gluten free or vegan lifestyle and have any tips for this unwilling vegan, please leave them in a comment below. Thank you!

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