The Paradox of Finding Strength in Brokenness

broken things header.png

The Oxford Dictionary defines paradox as a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true. When an article or thing is broken the common perception is that it is weakened at the very least if not completely unfit for use. If a tool is broken an attempt to fix it may be made, but if found beyond repair it is tossed out.  A broken bone requires special care and is unable to function as usual. 

However as Christ followers we live in the paradox of finding strength in brokenness. We are living contradictions proving that strength can be found in broken things. It requires broken soil to produce a crop, broken clouds produce rain, a broken body to give wholeness. A man named Peter, broken by his denial of The Savior, delivers a message that yields the salvation of over 3,000 souls.  Our Daddy God is an expert in using broken things. In our times of brokenness we can see God's power flowing through our lives. And so can others. We may feel the need to cover up our brokenness; perhaps we wear a facade of having it all together. But we do a disservice to others and ourselves by doing so.  When we are in a glorious heap of brokenness, clinging to His promises, His strength enters our lives in immense proportions.  And that season becomes a testimony to His fierce faithfulness.

Personally, I'm still amazed at the impact on others that has come out of our own season of brokenness. In my wildest imaginings the I never could have guessed that everything that we've been through with Judah and the rest of the Little Bits would give us a platform where Daddy God could show off His strength.  All I can find to say is God be praised. When I was broken and feeling nearly beyond repair His strength would steal into my soul.  Looking back I know that it was only by His power in me that I could keep on. In our brokenness we held on to the truth that He loves us and is for us and we resolved that whatever the outcome we would yet praise Him.  

Brokenness. Don't shy away from it.  Lean into Him and watch as He unfolds the paradox in you.

xoxo Jessie