New Song- I am Forgiven

Hello dear hearts!!!

I wanted to share my heart behind a brand new song- I am Forgiven. My heart is absolutely bent on forgiveness. It is foundational to my belief in my Savior. He loves me- all of us- before we ever knew Him, when we were useless to Him.  I love the account in Luke 7 when Jesus is being entertained at at Pharisee's house and an infamous harlot takes on the role of a maidservant and washes His feet. Sorrowful tears drip from her eyes as she anoints His feet with costly perfume. She takes down her adorned hair and makes it a towel. This action was the fruit of her love, flowing from being washed in the waterfall of His forgiveness. And our blessed Savior speaks no word of reproof but pardon and peace to her.  She was loved.  She was forgiven.