Song Stories

You Are the One

While doing some studying I kept seeing the phrase, “You are the one…” when referring to attributes of God.  So I started scribbling down all of the verses that contained that phrase- 3 pages later I decided that it was more than enough.  My fantastic husband had taken the car for an oil change during my note taking frenzy and when the car was finished so was the song. 

  This is a fun song that makes a simple statement that God is the only one for me.


One Voice

“One Voice” is the song of a church united.  I believe that throughout the earth believers are laying down their denominational barriers, and getting rid of self imposed blockades and joining together to lift up one song to the Father.  The Church is rising up with one heart, one mind, one voice to make His fame known throughout the earth.  The words to that song are simple, they have been sung for thousands of years, “Our God is good!  His mercy and love last forever!”  We are a part of The Church, His Bride, taking the sound of heaven to a lost and broken people on earth.


Faith is the Victory

 We sometimes play a “game” called “What’s the Truth?”  It is an opportunity for us to share a truth from God’s word that we have applied to our life.  The lyrics to “Faith is the Victory” are a few of my favorite “What’s the Truth?”  verses. 

 One of my absolute, all time favorite verses is Colossians 2:14-15 out of the Amplified Bible;

 “Having cancelled and blotted out and wiped away the handwriting of the note (bond) with its legal decrees and demands which was in force and stood against us (hostile to us). This [note with its regulations, decrees, and demands] He set aside and cleared completely out of our way by nailing it to His cross. God disarmed the principalities and powers that were ranged against us and made a bold display and public example of them, in triumphing over them in Him and in it, the cross.”

 Our faith in faith is not what gives us victory.  It is our profession of faith in Christ Jesus that brings us the victory.  The enemy uses the Law to bring condemnation to a believer, but Jesus “…cancelled and blotted out and wiped away the handwriting of the note” (the Law- written by the hand of God onto stone tablets) and God disarmed the enemy through the finished work of Jesus on the cross!  We are more than conquerors because Jesus did all of the fighting for us- now we only have to rest and rejoice that the victory is ours and claim the champion’s prize.



  I have a confession to make- I have been utterly ruined by grace.  After hearing a message by Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church, Singapore; my entire life was changed by the gospel of grace.  We used to get up before 5 am to watch his broadcast- we praise God now for DVR!!- and it ruined us in the best way possible.  We had never heard messages like his.  At the finish of the program I would be so encouraged by the fact that my standing with God is not based on me but on the finished work of my Savior and the perfection of His sacrifice.  I had to know more.  So we watched broadcasts, bought teaching from Pastor Prince, and read his books. 

 Armed with the revelation of grace my life looked completely different.  I had more joy and peace regarding situations that had previously held nothing but sorrow and maligned hope.  Deeper was born out of that time where I wanted to know more, I wanted to go deeper in my understanding of what Jesus accomplished on the cross.  I had come to a point where I was done with mixing the law and grace.  I wanted to go deeper.  You see guilt and condemnation were never meant for you, beloved child of God.   Know that you are perfectly loved and completely forgiven.  Go deeper into His grace…


You Are Loved

One of my favorites!  This song started out with the bridge, “How great is Your love for me” and beautiful Chinese children in mind.  While attending a conference in Australia and just after visiting China my heart was touched by the plight of orphans around the world.  If I could take them all in I would!  Even once we were back home my heart would always turn back to the fatherless and on the verge of feeling very overwhelmed by it all I wrote this song.  Driving home one night with children on my mind and God’s love in my heart I just started singing the bridge.  The rest of the melody and lyrics came so easily that the whole thing was written in about five minutes.  I remember singing the bridge over and over until I was so overcome by the Father’s love that my voice stopped and my heart sang.  It was so stunning to just sit there not needing to speak with my mouth but letting my heart overflow at the depth of the Father’s love for me.

  Wherever you are today know that Grace came- Jesus came to bring you into God’s family so that He could lavish love upon you.  We were once all prodigals and like the Father He wants to bring home to you.  He will run to you and throw His arms around you and take you in.  He loves you unconditionally- no matter what. 

  My prayer is that as you hear this song and meditate on the words that the magnificent love of our Father will wash over you sweeping away every fear, every hurt.  May you always know that you are greatly loved.



Growing up I never would have considered myself brave.  Skinny and shy from day one I always tried to stay out of the spotlight.  I remember the first time that I was given a solo in high school, my teacher had worked through the song with me and now he wanted me to sing it in front of my classmates.  I was mortified, completely and utterly embarrassed.  So, I very reluctantly took the mic and began to sing my solo- from the back of the classroom without even facing the audience!  It’s nice to laugh about it now- what was I thinking?!?

  The difference now is a simple thing- when you know that you are greatly loved it gives you confidence.  And it’s not self-confidence but complete trust in His unchanging love.  His love makes me brave.



This song took me the least amount of time to write of any so far- twenty minutes.  While viewing a minister’s conference one of the speakers had talked about being ever conscious of the presence of God.  The conference broke for lunch and we all went our separate ways.  I remained in the sanctuary and sat down at the keyboard.  I had only written one song before “Amazed” and the process was still quite new to me.  I remember sitting at the keyboard, and quoting Psalm 45:1 when it hit me that writing songs did not have to take a long time.   I began to play simple chords and humming bits of melody when the lyrics to “Amazed” came to mind.  Everything came so fast- the words, melody, and chords just all seemed to pour straight from my spirit and onto the paper.

  The lyrics move from a person standing in awe of the Father’s majesty to the glorious heaven song of “Holy, holy is the One who was and is and is to come!”  The very first time that we sang this song in the church service we came to the bridge and everyone began to sing- to cry out from their spirits.  Instantly the whole room was washed in the presence of God.  It was absolutely stunning!

  In another service, over a year later we were once again singing this song and as we came to the bridge all vocalists except for myself dropped out and then we would stagger entrances throughout the bridge.  As I started to sing the first line of the bridge it was as if I was hearing voices from another room.  Looking to the sides I saw that no other vocalists were singing.  I could hear the congregation singing but over top of them there were sweetly singing voices.  I honestly believe that on that day the angels joined their voices with ours as we sang to the Holy One. 


Praise for Life

There was no big jolt of revelation that inspired this song- just the thoughts of a girl who is deeply loved.  I am forever awestruck by the grace and love of my Daddy God.  The very least I can do is to sing of His goodness from here to eternity.  I want to live a life poured out as a praise offering to God.