Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

For the past 11 years I have had the pleasure of sponsoring a child through Word Vision.  It has given me great joy to demonstrate God's love to a child who was once suffering in impoverished conditions.  I believe that worship and justice should work hand in hand, and it is the cry of my heart to live a life poured out in ministry to the lost, the broken, and the impoverished.

I encourage you to read through the infomation below and find out how you can sponsor a child through World Vision.

Change the world- change a nation- change a community- change the life of a child. 

It all begins with one decision.

  Chose to Sponsor a Child Through World Vision


World Vision is a humanitarian organization dedicated to helping children, families and communitites worlwide overcome the challenges of poverty and injustice.  World Vision serves over 100 million people in over 100 countries reagardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or gender.


Traditional Sponsorship

What is child sponsorship and how does it work?

World Vision child sponsorship creates one-to-one relationships between children in developing countries and individual sponsors in the US and other developed nations.Through sponsorship gifts, these children benefit from direct assistance as well as improved living conditions in their communities.  Through regular reports and letters, the sponsor can see how their gift- combined with those of other generous sponsors- are making a difference in the child's life and community.

World Vision assists more than 3 million children worldwide.

How does a sponsored child benefit from their sponsor’s monthly gifts?

A sponsor's monthly gift is combined with the gifts of other people who sponsor children in the same community to provide long-term resources for lasting change.  The type of assistanceprovided by a sponsor's monthly support varies depending on the specific needs in the sponsored child's area.  Sponsorship helps to provide access to life-changing resources such as clean water, school fees and supplies, improved nutrition, and health care.  In addition, sponsorship funds may be used to support Christian activities in countries where the Christian faith may be shared openly.

What is the cost to sponsor?

The basic monthly gift amount is $35.  Sponsors may give a larger amount to provide their child with additional care and support.


Hope Sponsorship

What is the difference between a Traditional sponsorship and a Hope Sponsorship?

Hope sponsored children live in communities that have been categorized as high-risk due to locally high rates of HIV infection.  Your sponsored child, or a memeber of his or her family, does not necessarily have HIV or AIDS.


What does a Hope sponsorship provide?

A Hope sonsored child is provided access to things like clean water, improved nutrition, health care, and education- all the benefits of a Traditional sponsorship.  But it also offers child-focused assistance that directly addresses the effects of HIV and AIDS on children and their communities.

This assistance includes things like:

• Extra support for families caring for vulnerable children. Often, it is aging grandparents or other extended family members left to care for children orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS. And many times, entire families of children must try to make it all on their own. They struggle to grow their own food, and give up school to work backbreaking jobs for pennies.

• Mobilization of local church and community networks to provide additional HIV prevention and AIDS care.

• Assistance for caretakers who are stretching their meager resources to help care for orphaned or vulnerable children in their family or community.

• Trained volunteers to monitor children’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health and to help care for sick or dying parents.

• Counselors to provide age-appropriate HIV-prevention education and practical life-skills training based on biblical principles.

• Vocational training for older children who are caring for siblings and other younger children.

What is the cost to sponsor?

The basic Hope monthly gift amount is $35.  Sponsors may give a larger amount to provide their child with additional care and support.